Why are Positive Affirmations Important?

Sometimes you hear #untruths from others like "you will never be pretty" or "you'll be fat for the rest of your life." Even worse you may hear something like, "you're just not one of the smart ones." Unfortunately, you grow up hearing this over and over again, then other people hear it, buy into it and say the same thing about you. 

At first, you hate it, then you accept it. You begin to live out the lie you've heard all of your lives. 

So you want to turn things around and erase all of the negative things that your mom, dad or #ex-spouse said to you? Positive affirmations are important repetitive statements used to reverse negative self talk.  Here are some tips on how to use them:

Record your personal goals for self development.(AD)

1. Identify and focus on all of your good points so that you can begin to fall in love with yourself again.
2. Forgive yourself for shortcomings, but be willing to face the mustard and admit what needs to be changed.
3. Begin to hang around people who are where you want to be so that you can adopt some of their mannerisms and change your own #self-destructive behaviors.
4. Do guided meditations to align your subconscious with what you want to do and be.
5. Remove words like can't, fail, lack, hate, etc. from your vocabulary. The universe picks up these strong verbs and adjectives, no matter what you say after them. For you, these words don't exist.
 6. Cry if you must, then move on. Never wallow in #self-pity because it leads to "not a damn thing".
7. #Visualize what you want for your life and watch your #dreams come true! **************************************************************************

Listed below are a few #positive #affirmations to help you along the way:

I am a beautiful person and capable of doing this job -- who better than me?

I love to show love to people and I receive love from them in return.

I work to offer my best to the world and the world offers its best to me.

I am in tune with my #universal #purpose and I am working toward achieving it.

I learn life lessons quickly and easily and I have swift and lasting #success!

Good luck to you in a successful 'rest of your life' and happy hunting.